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About Me and My Practice

My name is Callie Wile and I am a Board Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in the state of New York. I received my master's degree in Art Therapy from NYU and have had various post graduate trainings in trauma-focused therapies and approaches suited to both individual and family work.

While I specialize in trauma-focused work, my integrative and client-centered approach to Art Therapy lends itself to addressing a variety of challenges one might face such as low self-esteem, difficult life transitions, feelings of anxiety or depression, identity issues, or simply feeling stuck. Art Therapy also lends itself well to self exploration when maybe you don't quite have the words for what you are feeling.

Through our Art Therapy sessions we will utilize creative processes in conjunction with talk therapy to look at who you are as a whole person. We will not only explore your challenges, but we will also work to recognize your strengths and resilience. 

The Art Therapy sessions I provide are never one-size fits-all. Sessions are tailored to meet your needs and concerns, and it is important to me to partner with my clients as I help them meet their wellness goals. Art Therapy is a highly adaptive modality and in my practice I commonly infuse art process with other therapeutic modalities such as Mindfulness, DBT and Trauma-Informed approaches. Together we will find out what works best for you. 

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